SHIHAN John Turnbull

Vice President & Administrative advisor
As a youngster growing up in Jamaica, Queens, John Tumbull participated in Police Athletic League boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling programs from an early age. He continued boxing in amateur venues throughout his school years, and while in the U.S. Army boxed for his brigade team. He also received training in hand-to-hand combat through advanced courses required by his military status.
However, Mr. Turnbull’s first formal training in an Asian martial system commenced in the 1960’s, after he finished his tour of duty in the U.S. Army. Mr. Tumbull began studying jujitsu under Mr. Achee Lee in New York. Mr. Lee was an early student of Mr. Ronald Duncan, lineage-holder of Kaga-ryu ninjitsu.  
After moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts in the early 1970’s, Mr. Tumbull began training at the Okinawan Goju-ryu Academy in Watertown under Mr. Anthony Mirakian. Mr. Mirakian had himself trained in Okinawa with Mr. Chojun Miyagi and Mr. Meitoku Yagi. In 1960, Mr. Mirakian brought Meibukan Goju-ryu to the United States, and in the 1990’s was the system’s lineage holder.  
In the 1980’s, after returning to New York. Mr. Tumbull began training in Chinese Goju under Mr. Thomas Gettling, who had trained under Mr. Peter Urban and Mr. Ron Van Cleaf. During this time, Mr. Tumbull met Mr. Lionel Worrell, the Panamanian Shotokan Karatedo instructor, and in the 1990’s began training under and teaching with Mr. Worrell. Mr. Worrell’s training had been with Mr. Vincente Cruz and Mr. Hidetaka Nishiyama  
After Mr. Worrell’s death in 2002, Mr. Tumbull undertook further training with Mr. George Sasano of Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2004, Mr Turnbull’s New York Karatekai formally merged with Aikcnkai Shotokan Karatedo Kokusai under Mr. Sasano, who is Chief Instructor of the International.  
In addition to jujitsu. Goju-ryo, Chinese Goju and Shotokan, Mr. Tumbull has studied kobujutsu. kung fu and tai chi chu’an, and tae kwon do, and has trained continuously for 40 years. Including his early boxing and WTestling experience. Mr. Tumbull has been continuously active in some martial practice for nearly 55 years.  
Mr. Tumbull has been blessed to train under exceptionally talented, knowledgeable, generous and patient instructors throughout his life, and to honor them seeks to emulate their fine examples as best he can.