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Please note that WJKA recognised Dan ranks can only be awarded by those Instructors who hold valid up to date examiner licences (as listed on this website).                                                                                                                                  
Dan ranks awarded by anyone other than a registered WJKA Examiner cannot be called WJKA ranks and will also not be recognised.                                                                                                                                                                                         
Examiners that have not renewed their licences and have allowed their licences to lapse are therefore not authorized to award WJKA Dan ranks and any ranks awarded by these examiners will not be recognised by the WJKA.        
If there is any doubt to the validity of any WJKA Dan rank, then please contact WJKA H.Q.for confirmation. 



E class
Assistant those who have 2nd Dan 
Assistist grading up to 1st Kyu
D class
Those who have 3rd Dan
Grading up to 1st Dan
C class
Those who have Dan
Grading up to 2nd Dan
B class
Those who have 5th Dan
Grading up to 3rd Dan
A class
Those who have 6th Dan
Grading up to 4th Dan
 - Renewing Instructor / Examiner / Referee license every 3 yrs