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For those WJKA members interested in acquiring respected, world accredited status as international instructors, examiners and tournament officials.......

The Instructor Program offers comprehensive training and experience to enable preparation for obtaining WJKA International Licenses. This program includes academic and practical requirements, with many Shotokan specialized instructor subjects including, history, kinesiology, body parts and physiology, psychology, karate techniques, kata, administration, kumite and strategy, self defense, and tournaments.

All subjects are presented from the perspective of an instructor interested in greater personal depth and how best to share Shotokan growth and development with students. 

Upon graduation (as a licensed International Instructor and Official), an optional Examiner license can be obtained.

The first step for interested WJKA students is to download the application form, and have the filled out form(with sign up fee) submitted by their instructors to their Regional representatives listed on the web page.... for forwarding to International HQ. Instructor Trainees must be NIDAN or above. Upon acceptance, an Instructor Program Handbook will be sent to the new Trainee. Regional representatives are available to answer questions regarding the program at any time.